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Artist:     Nazarene School, 19 century
Title:     Tobias healing the blindness of his father
Item ID   1423
Price:     650.00 €


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Fine miniature painting with popular Biblical scene was executed by a representative of Nazarener school in ca.1820. The painting depicting scene from Book Tobias/Tobit . Here is short description of legend:  Tobit remembers , he deposited by someone long time ago a sum money . He sends now his son Tobias  out, to get this money. As a travel companion the angel Rafael comes to meet him, which does not give naturally to recognize each other. When Tobias would like to wash on the way once his feet in the river Tigris, an enormous fish emerges, which threatens to devour him. Rafael requests Tobias to pull the fish by all force ashore to exclude it and to pack up its heart ,its liver and its Galle since they contained welfare forces. Tobias turns together with his wife , rich gifts and money to his anxious parents back. Tobias heals now also still blindess of his father, by oil from fish liver on his blind eyes. By the end of history the angel gives itself to recognize Rafael, on which the father Tobiasbring a large praise song on God .

Inscription: unsigned

Technique: watercolour on paper. Original period gold-plated frame.

Measurements: unframed w 6" x h 4" (15.3 x 10 cm), framed w 9" x h 6 2/3" (23 x 17 cm)

Condition: in very good condition

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