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Artist:     Johann Nepomuk Ender (1793 - 1854), attrib.
Title:     Large Biedermeier portrait miniature on ivory of Countess Emilie von Czihak (1826 Jassy/Moldavia - 1856), wife of Romanian General, War Minister and Mayor of Bucharest Savel Manos
Item ID   2276
Price:     8000.00 €


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Large and very fine Biedermeier portrait miniature on ivory with a portrait of a young beauty, due to the original old description on the reverse said to be Countess Emilie von Czihak (1826 Jassy /Moldavia - 1856 Bukarest / Romania). Due to the backside description and info from web: ,

this beautiful noble woman should be marry with General Savel (Manuel) Manos, however she was killed (poisoned) by the mistress of General in the wedding day with Strichnin in the cocoa. Her spouse Savel (Manuel) Manos ( born 1824 Moldavia, due to another sources 1824 in Botochani - died 1906, Bucharest, Romania ). Romanian army general 1864. Minister for War 1865. Mayor of Bucarest. Education: Jassy, Athens and Paris.

This miniature is typical work by famous Austrian portrait and miniature artist of Biedermeier epoch Johann Nepomuk Ender (1793- Vienna - 1854), the twin-brother of Austrian landscape painter Thomas Ender. Since 1806 Johann Ender studied at the Academy in Vienna under Maurer, Lampi, Fueger and Caucig and begun to create portraits from 1814. In 1815-1817 he was already a well-known Viennese portraitist. In 1818-1819 Ender travelled together with Count Istvan Szechenyi through Italy, Greece and the Middle East. In 1820 he obtained an academical scholarship for Italy. In 1820-21 he stayed in Florence; in 1821- in Rome, where studied and copied works of Raphael. In 1825 he became a member of Rome Accademia of S. Luca.In 1826-27 returned to Vienna . In 1829-1850 he was a professor of historical painting at the Vienna Academy and, at the same time, very asked portraitist and miniaturist of the Austrian court and members of the Austrian and Hungarian high society. His specialties were portraits of elegant women from the Royal Family and aristocracy, alone or with their children, fashionably dressed, and occasionally in extravagant richly decorated hats.

The history of General Manos and his wife Emilie von Czihak in French read down:

Note 1 Aide camp du Prince Grégoire Ghica. Fondateur du parti unioniste moldave (qui cherche l’union des deux principautés). Préfet du district de Tutova. Préfet de Police de Jassy. 1859 Chef de régiment, puis général en chef des armées moldaves. Note 21864 Ministre de la Guerre des principautés unies de Moldavie et Valachie. Ministre des affaires étrangères. Député 1871-75. Note 3Démissionne de ses fonctions à l’abdication du prince Couza en faveur de Charles Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen (Prince de Roumanie en 1866-1881, puis Roi, Carol I de Roumanie, 1881-1914). Note 4Trois mariages et trois enfants avec chacune des femmes: Marie Virnaw, Marie Gamba, Eugénie Loukidi (an alleged fourtb marriage comes from Sturdza.)FatherManuel (Scarlatos) Manos (1782-1840)MotherPrincess Sultana (Nicolas) Mavroyeni (1786-1855) Other spousesMaria Varnav Maria Gamba Eugenie LukidiMarriage21 Apr 1860, Jassy/Iasi, RomaniaSpouse Emilia von CzihakBirth? Death21 Apr 1860 (with mystake)Note 1 Died on her wedding day.

Literature: The artist is listed in : "Austrian Artists Dictionary "by Heinrich Fuchs, Vienna 1974; about sitter on miniature see in on-line: .

Inscription: unsigned, on the reverse - old inscription in German with info about the sitter and her fate.

Technique: gouache on ivory, laid down on cardvoard. Original period gold-plated frame.

Measurements: unframed w 5 1/4" x h 7 1/2 " (13,5 x 19 cm), framed w 8 " x h 10 " (20 x 25,3 cm)

Condition: in very good condition .

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