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Artist:     Alexander Joseph Falguiere (1831-1900)
Title:     Diana
Item ID   289
Price:     16000.00 €


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Famous French sculptor Jean Alexander Joseph Falguiere executed a number of perfect sculptors and busts, among them a few bronze models of Diana, the virgin goddess of the hunt, all of them very highly priced at international auctions. Falguiere was born in a worker´s family and raised to the ranks of the leading French sculptors and painters of his time. There is extensive literature on the artist who is considered to be one of the most important French sculptors of the 19th century.

Diana, daughter of Zeus and Leto, twin sister of Apollo, is the virgin goddess of the hunt, the woods and the moon. Hunting through the woods is her favourite pastime. This goddess is severe, cruel and vindictive. Without pity she deals severely with those who may provocate her resentment. For example, Actaeon, during a hunting outing, saw Diana bathing in the middle of the forest. Offended by being seen, she violently threw some water into his face, turning him into a stag. Actaeon was torn to death by his own hounds. Implacable virginal goddess, she nevertheless falls in love with Endymion, a handsome youth, who is always asleep. Diana visits him every night.

Inscription: signed A.Falguiere on the base and carries manufacturer´s mark.

Technique: bronze

Measurements: height 30 2/3" ( 78 cm); base diam. 10 1/3" ( 26 cm)

Condition: in good condition, some tiny scratches and losses of patina due to age

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