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Artist:     Johann Andreas Herrenburg (1824 - Berlin - 1906)
Title:     Monumental triptych: Temple of the Sybil at Tivoli, view of ruins Taormina Sicily and Entrance to the Grotto of Posilippo
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Monumental (total: 437 cm x 201 cm ) tryptich with views of world-famous Italian ancient attractions : middle center painting (261 x 201 cm) depicts panoramic view of ruins ancient Greek theater in Taormina Sicily , the painting on the left side (84 x 201 cm) depicts Entrance to the Grotto of Posilippo and the last painting on the right side (92 x 201 cm) depicts view of Falls of the Aniene with the Temple of the Sybil(or the Temple of Vesta) at Tivoli by Rome.

The "Temple of Sybil /or Vesta" is a Roman temple in Tivoli, Italy, dating to the early 1st century BC. Its ruins sit on the acropolis of the city, overlooking the falls of the Aniene that are now included in the Villa Gregoriana.It is not known for certain to whom the temple was dedicated, whether to Hercules, the protecting god of Tibur, or to Albunea, the Tiburtine Sibyl, or to Tiburnus, the eponymous hero of the city, or to Vesta herself, whose more familiar circular peripteral Temple of Vesta is to be seen in the Roman Forum. A rectangular temple stands nearby, equally difficult to attribute, often called the Temple of the Sibyl.

Taormina´s Greek theater was built in the third century BC, renovated by the Romans, and is now used for summer performances. The theater, built into the hillside, has excellent acoustics and spectacular views of the sea and Mt. Etna.

 Posilippo Grotto/Cave (also known as ‘grotta vecchia’), is located in the Piedigrotta district not far from Naples. The tomb known as ‘Virgil’s tomb’ is found at its entrance.

The author of this extremely rare tryptich, dated 1861 , is important German landscape, architecture painte, orientalist and traveller Johann Andreas Herrenburg (1824 Berlin - 1906 Berlin). The artist received his first instruction from the landscape painter Professor Karl Eduard Biermann and then turned to his education study tours through Germany, France and Italy.When he came to Athens in 1845, made ​​him King Otto I of Greece to explore the monuments of antiquity, the Peloponnese, and from there he accompanied one undertaken for artistic and scientific purposes Turkish expedition to Asia Minor, Palestine and Persia. In Cyprus he hired geographical research and provided the first complete map of this special island. After he had traveled to Egypt, Nubia and Abyssinia, he returned to Berlin in 1848 and now led his numerous sketches of landscape and architectural images. Among these are: A street in Cairo, The Plain of Thebes in Egypt, A look at Sidon Scene from the White Nile, A street in Baghdad, The coast of Paphos, Abusheher the Persian Gulf, The scale effect on his sun motif from Lake Como and The effect of the image of the Colossi of Memnon and Others. In 1855 he moved to Dresden and also painted several Nordic landscapes or images of ancient classical architecture, among others: the Acropolis of Athens,  the ruins of Greek  theater of Taormina (!!!), Temple of Isis on Philae and the Roman Forum.

Literature: in German: Thieme/Becker "Allgemeines Lexikon der bildenden Künsler..", Leipzig, 1999; Hermann Alex: "Biograqphisches Künstler-Lexikon", Müller, Verlag des Bibliografischen Instituts, Leipzig 1882;

Inscription: two of three paintings signed  (see

Technique: each oil on canvas, hand-crafted wood gilt original period frames.

Measurements: total, all three framed paintings together : h 79 1/8" x w 172" ( 201 x 437 cm); middle work: unframed h 98 3/4 " x w 75 1/4" (191 x 251 cm), framed h79 1/8" x w102 3/4 ( 201 x 261 cm), painting on the left side: unframed h75 1/4 " x w 29 1/8" ( 191 x 74 cm), framed h 79 1/8 " x w 34 " ( 201 x 84 cm), the painting on the right side: unframed h 75 1/4 " x w 32 1/4" (191 x 82 cm), framed h 79 1/8" x w 36 1/4" ( 201 x 92 cm)

Condition: paintings and frames in very good condition, original canvases were professionally cleaned, no any retouching.

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