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Artist:     British School ( George Engleheart or John Wright), early 19th century
Title:     Portrait miniature of a young English Regency officer with shako and wearing red coat with dark blue facing
Item ID   4092
Price:     5000.00 €


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Museum quality miniature on ivory was executed ca. in 1815 by the represantative of British school and due to the style, period and composition is very close to the miniature works by George Engleheart ( 1850 - 1829 ) or John Inigo Wright ( 1745 - 1820), both prominent miniaturists from the Regency time. The author depicted a young British officer with "Regency" shako and wearing red coat with dark blue facings, standing collar, scarlet coatee and gold epaulettes. The front of the shako has a cut silver star with an enameled insignia of the Order of the Garter. As you see on the additional photo, on the back of the miniature's cover there is an antique inscription"La Maddalena". This is name of Italian archpelago off Sardinia, which was place of the Battle of La Maddalena in the First Coalition War in 1793 between French fleet with landing forces , which were partly under the command of the future emperor Napoleon Bonaparte and and units of the Kingdom of Sardinia - Piedmont . This battle was lost by Frenchmen . Thereby in the following years, British naval forces under Admiral Nelson could use the archipelago as an anchorage . Based on this fact, we can assume that the miniature depicts an officer of these British Navy.

Term Regency describes In the political history of Britain the period from 1811 to 1820. It begins with the acquisition of the business of government by the Prince of Wales, George Augustus Frederick of Hanover, later George IV., And covers the period of his reign (Engl .: regency ) as Prince Regent. Through the metabolic disease porphyria was his father George III. no longer in a position to exercise the government. Politically ended the Regency with the death of George III. and the enthronement of the Prince Regent George IV as.

Art history describes the Regency as style. The period differs from the nine years of the reign. Art History of the beginning and the end of the Regency is justified differently. A demarcation refers to the period from 1783 to 1834. It begins with the collection of the Prince of Wales in Carlton House and ends with the publication of John Claudius Loudon (1783-1843) The Encyclopedia of Cottage, Farm, Villa Architecture.

Inscription: unsigned, on the cover two old inscriptions: "Engleheart" ( attribution of previous collector) and " La Maddalena" (as name of Italian archpelago off Sardinia). P>

Technique: gouache on ivory, original empire fire-gilded bronze frame.

Measurements: image w 2 5/8" x h 3 1/2" (6,6 x 9 cm), matted and framed w 3 5/8" x h 4 1/2" (9,3 x 11,5 cm).

Condition: in very good condition.

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