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Artist:     R. Löhr (Austrian, early 19th century)
Title:     View of the castle Leopoldsdorf in Marchfeld by Vienna
Item ID   4587
Price:     1400.00 €


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Quite rare early view of the castle Leopoldsdorf in Marchfeld by Vienna was executed ca. in 1820s by an Austrian painter R.Löhr. On the back of the watercolour is original memory inscription in German: " Schloss Leopoldsdorf, General Baron Sardagna..."

Here is the rich history of this castle (from

Because there are several eponymous places in Austria, it is relatively difficult to classify information from the early days of the Castle. So was the Manor of Leopoldsdorf, the Duke Friedrich II the quarrelsome the minnesinger Tannhauser left, probably not in the Marchfeld, but South of Vienna, since he had also Himberg. Leopoldsdorf in the Marchfeld should be mentioned first 1373 in a document of Chadolt of Haslau, an Artolf by Leopold village appeared as a witness in the. 1444 was one of domination Lienhart from village of Leopold and his wife, Ursula.

1590, it is mentioned that 24 "behauste subjects" were part of the Freihof Leopoldsdorf of Baron Hans von Weißpriach about deceased. It passed into the possession of Hans Caspar von Pirken 1592. in 1635 Ferdinand Jakob Freiherr von Welz bought the goods. He rebuilt the medieval Freihof in a Renaissance Castle, but this was largely destroyed already in 1645 by the Swedes. Bernhard Dismas Freiherr of Kalkan, who owned the lordship from 1758 is regarded as builders of the Baroque country-little castle. His widow gave the castle Leopoldsdorf to the Baron Raimund of Sardagna. Later, the barons Sardagna and the related count Ferrari divided the ownership. 1857, Marie was Countess Reischach (née Baroness Sardagna) owner of the Castle. The expansion to the three-wing lock was 1903 under Rudolf of Vienna, Knight of Worlds. At that time also a tower was added. The Manor kept a collection of Oriental art objects in Leopoldsdorf, which he had brought from his travels in the middle and far East. in 1945, the Castle burnt down completely. It was soon afterwards renewed old-style. The castle is now estate of Diplom ing. Georg Freiherr von Prosoroff.

Literature: in on-line :

Inscription: signed lower right"R.Löhr'", on the back of the watercolour - antique memory inscription in German: " Schloss Leopoldsdorf, General Baron Sardagna...".

Technique: watercolour on paper, matted and framed .

Measurements: image w 11 3/4" x h 9" (30 x 23 cm); matted and framed 18 1/8" x h 15 1/3" ( 46 x 39 cm).

Condition: in very good condition.

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