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Artist:     Mikola Ivanovich Ivasiuk ( listed,Ukrainian, 1865 -1930), Микола Ивасюк
Title:     The Battle (episode from the Polish-Ukrainian war 1918-1919)
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This very important for Ukrainian history battle painting shows episode from the Polish-Ukrainian War 1918-1919 and was executed by important National Ukrainian painter Mykola Ivasiuk (1865 - 1937), signed by the artist and titled in Ukrainian: "M.Ivasiuk, in Lwow, 1919".

Polish-Ukrainian war is an armed conflict between the Republic of Poland and the western Ukrainian People´s Republic on the territory of Galicia, results in large-scale fighting from November 1, 1918 to July 17, 1919. The war was waged in the midst of instability caused by the disintegration of Austria-Hungary, the dissolution of the Russian Empire and the civil war in Russia.

The feature of the war was its spontaneity. Armed clashes began throughout the Galicia, and it was only by mid-november that a permanent front had emerged. Also until mid-november, the war was waged not by professional armies, but by volunteer formations of Ukrainians and Poles. After long positional fights (winter 1918-1919), the Polish army moved into an offensive, hittinging Ukrainian forces into the triangle of death. The last attempt by Ukrainians to gain a foothold in Galicia was a chortkovskoe offensive, which resulted in a failure. As a result, the Ukrainian Galician Army left the region, turning to the People´s Republic of Ukraine.

The author of "our" painting is Nikolai Ivanovitch (in Ukrainian: Mykola) Ivasiuk ( 1865, the village of Zastavna, Bukovina, then Austrian Empire - 1937 in Kiev, Soviet Union), the important national Ukrainian and Soviet painter.

Nikolai Ivasiuk was born in the village of Zastavna in Bukovina (now a town and the district center of Chernivtsi oblast, Ukraine) in a family of a Carpenter.In 1884 Nikolai entered Chernivtsi high real school, where Professor of drawing and painting was Justin Pihulyak, who noticed the young man the gift of painting, and then helped enroll him in the Vienna Academy of art.Later he studied in Munich from Ivasyuk Professor Alexander Linzen-Meyer. In August 1885 Ivasyuk was a participant in the wanderings of student youth of Ternopil region.In 1893 year N. Ivasyuk met in Munich with Ilya Repin. Nicholai showed him the first sketch of his painting "entrance of Bohdan Khmelnytsky in Kiev".Back in the year 1897 from abroad to Bukovina, Ivasyuk devoted himself to art, social and pedagogical activities. He worked as a teacher of drawing and painting in the Chernivtsi real school, arranged several exhibitions of his works. In 1899 year along with J. Piguljak he established the first school of drawing in Bukovina "for talented but poor young people".Not once visited Ivasiuk the village Okno, in the Manor of Vladislav Fedoróvich, where he painted portraits of members of his family.After the overthrow of the autocracy Ivasyuk moved to Kiev, and from 1919 onwards he lived then in Lviv and Chernivtsi. "Our" painting was executed right in this year.At the invitation of the Government of the Ukrainian SSR in late 1926 year Ivasyuk moved with his family to take up permanent residence in Kiev. He proposed the establishment of a number of paintings on the theme of the revolutionary movement in Ukraine.In July 1937 year Ivasyuk was wrongly arrested by the Stalin NKVD. Shot November 25, 1937. Works of Ivasyuk were devoted to historical themes:"The entry of Bohdan Khmelnytsky in Kiev (1892-1932, National Ukrainian Museum, Kiew); "Bohdan Khmelnytsky under Zboriv (1892), "The battle of Chocim (1903)"Kubanskie kazaki in Lviv" (1917), Ivan Bohun at the battle of Berestechko "(1919)Also created many genre paintings of Ukrainian subjects ("near the well" (1901), "Mother" (1906), "Guculka under the tree") and portraits of figures of Ukrainian culture: Yuri Fedkovych, t.Shevchenko, i.Franko.In the year 1919, as an artist with the highest international authority, the Government of UNR directory commissioned Ivasjuku to create sketches for the stamps of the UPR. N. Ivasyuk performed drawings of eight of 14 marks and made a general appearance of a series called "Vienna" series. Printing marks May 31, 1921 year was completed, however, in connection with the displacement of troops outside Ukraine Directory stamps mail application.

Literature: in German: artist lexicon by Thieme/Becker, Leipzig, 1999; in Russian and Ukrainian: Золотоверхова І. І. Український радянський кіноплакат 20—30-х років. — К., 1983. — С. 108.Івасюк Микола Іванович // Довідник з історії України / За ред. І. З. Підкови, Р. М. Шуста; Інст. історичних досліджень Львівського нац. унів. ім. Івана Франка. — Київ: Генеза, 2001. — ISBN 966-504-439-7. (укр.) (Проверено 24 августа 2009)Кулаков И. Почтовая марка Украины // Зеркало недели. — 1997. — № 9 (126). — 1—6 марта.Довідник з історії України: В 3 т. / За ред. І. Підкови та Р. Шуста. — К.: Генеза, 1995, 1999. (укр.)Енциклопедія українознавства: В 10 т. / Головний редактор Володимир Кубійович. — Париж, Нью-Йорк: Молоде Життя, 1954—1989. (укр.)Тернопільський енциклопедичний словник: Т. І. — Тернопіль: Збруч, 2004. (укр.)

Insription: signed in Ukrainian lower right:" M.(Mykola) Ivasiuk" and dated Lviv1919."; on the back of the canvas signed by the author again in German : "M.Ivasiuk, 1919. Alle Rechte vorbehalten (in English: all rights reserved).

Technique: oil on canvas, gold-plated period frame.

Measurements: w 24 3/4" x h 16 7/8" (63 x 43 cm ), framed w 29 1/8" x h 20 1/2" (74 x 52 cm ).

Condition : in very good condition.

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