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Artist:     Giuseppe Camino (Italian 1818-1890)
Title:     Monumental landscape in the Roman Campagna
Item ID   5305
Price:     22000.00 €


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Monumental high quality landscape from Roman Campagna was executed ca. in 1840s by good listed Italian painter Giuseppe Camino (1818 Turin - 1890 Caludo by Turin), who recieved acknowledge mainly of landscapes and vedute.

Camino, Giuseppe, ital. Painter, lithographer, *28.10. 1818 Turin, 26.2.1890 Caluso (Turin). First employee in the Ministry of the Interior, C. attended drawing courses of the Turin Accad from 1841. Albertina and lessons with Giuseppe Bogliani. Paints first of all images of saints. First lithograph for the Azioni coreografiche by Cesare di Benevello (Tourin1842). Since then regularly involved in the competitions of the Society Promotrice in Turin with architectural vedutes, landscapes (Alps) and romantic scenes. 1845-46 in Naples and Rome. 1850-51 Trip to Paris, Geneva and London, where he was a guest of the Marchese Emanuele d'Azeglio. His views of the cities visited are particularly affected by the Munich School of Painting, among others. Carl Rottmann, influenced and founded his fame (among others Parco di St. James in Londra, 1851). Regularly represented in the exhibitions in Genoa, Milan, Florence and Bologna. Works on religious subjects (e.g. Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane, 1852), as a set designer in the theatres Scribe (1858) and Regio (1873) in Turin and on portraits (among others King Vittorio Emanuele).

AGLIE, Castello: Messa dei primi tempi cristiani in una foresta, 1847. FLORENCE, GAM: L'appressarsi della burrasca sulla Vesubia, 1857; Cima delle Alpi, 1861. ROCCIAMELONE, Parish Church: S. Vincenzo de'Paoli. ROME, GAM: Alto Canavese. TURIN, GAM: Foresta vergine, 1855; Il diradarsi di un temporale, 1856. - Convento della Visitazione: Via Crucis. S. Massimo: I prigioneri piemontesi di Gundebaldo re di Borgogna liberati da Sant'Epifanio e San Vittore, fresco (with Andrea Gastaldi), 1852.

1855 Paris: WA.

ThB5, 1911. Dragone, 1947; DEB II, 1972; Luciani, 1974; Comanducci I, 1982; PittItalOttoc II, 1991 (Lit.) - Cult. neoclassica e romantica nella Toscana Granducale, Fi. 1972 (K), No 10-12; Monteverdi, Storia III, 1975; B. Cinelli, Ricerche di storia dell'arte 1982(18)30, 36; Ottocento No. 22, Wed. 1993, 229. Finarte (Aukt.) 517:1985, Nr 705, 707; 559:1986, No 180; 596:1987, No 53, 396; 678:1989, No 48

signed lower left, on the reverse - old label of art gallery Franz fischer in Stuttgart and label with short bio of the artist.

oil on wood panel, original gold-plated period frame.

unframed w 55 7/8" x h 41" (142 x 104 cm); framed w 72 2/3" x h 50" (185 x 127 cm).

in very good condition.

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