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Artist:     Anton Heinrich Dieffenbach (1831-1914)
Title:     Beautiful Shepherdess
Item ID   5329
Price:     12000.00 €


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Masterfully genre painting with with beautiful goose shepherdess was executed by prominent German painter Anton Heinrich Dieffenbach (1831 Wiesbaden - 1914 Hohwald/Vogesen). First study in sculpture with Charles Duhamel in Strasbourg and with James Pradier in Paris. In 1852, he moved to Wiesbaden for painting. Stud.: 1853-58 KA Düsseldorf, among others 1856/57 in the painting class of Christian Köhler, as well as students with Carl Ferdinand Sohn and Rudolf Jordan. 1856-59 member of the artist-union Malkasten ibid. 1858-63 in Wiesbaden, 1864-70 in Paris, 1871/72 in Switzerland, 1872-97 in Berlin. From 1880 summer stays in Hohwald/Vogesen. From 1897 professor in Strasbourg. Honorary member of the verb. Strasbourg artist. – Painted under the influence of Ludwig Knaus anekdot., partly humorous genre scenes, above all idyllic motifs with children in the house. environment, when playing outdoors, often in conjunction with animals (Three Girls with Goat, 1875) and family scenes (among others The day before the wedding, 1865), also some animal pieces in the tradition of the Düsseldorf School of Painting and a French affected coloritus. Some paintings (Butterfly Catch, 1883) refer directly to Knaus. From the 80s naturalistic forest landscapes from the Vosges, where he renounces staffage after 1897. According to D.s served as templates for etchings by Carl Becker, Hermann Dröhmer and Andreas Fleischmann and were purchased for reproduction purposes by art institutions, such as the Parisian art shop Goupil and by Louis Prang in Boston (among others jealousy). His paintings-sequence Four Seasons published by Lüderitz´s Kunstanstalt as Lith. by Gustav Fleckert.

WORKS: BERLIN, SMPK, NG. Bremen. NEW YORK, Metrop. Mus. STRASBOURG, MAM. Soc. of the Amis des Arts.

EXHIBITIONS: 1917 Strasbourg, Maison des Arts: Retr. – G: 1872-92 Berlin, Academy.-exhibition / 1865, ´69 Paris, Salon / Strasbourg: 1891, ´95, 1904, ´09 Soc. of the Amis des Arts; 1903 Salon des artistes strasbourgeois / 1893-1904 Mülhausen, Soc. of the arts.

Literature: Thieme/Becker, V.9, 1913; Vo5, 1961. Müller, 1882; C.E.Clement/L.Hutton, Artists of the 19th c. an their works, Boston/N.Y. 1884; F.Neubert (Ed.), Dt. Zeitgen.-Lex., L. 1905; Müller/Singer I, 1921; V, 1921 (Night). Bauer/Carpentier I, 1984; O.Renkhoff, Nassau Biogr., Wb. 21992; Lex. the Düsseldorf School of Painting I, M. 1997 (Lit.); Bénézit IV, 1999. - Strasbourg Post v. 3.12.1914 (Necr.); R.Metz, Les peintres alsaciens de 1870 - 1914, Diss., Strasbourg 1971; Soc. of the Amis des Arts et des Mus. de Strasbourg. Cent cinquanti éme anniversaire 1832-1982 (K), Strasbourg 1982; F.Lotz, Artistes peintres alsaciens de jadis et de naguére, Kaysersberg 1987 (Lit.); C.Pieske, pictures for everyone. mural prints 1840-1940, M. 1988; Sources of the Gesch. of the artists´ association Malkasten, Cologne 1992; H.Paffrath, masterpieces of the Düsseldorf School of Painting 1819-1918, Dd. 1995; S.White, World Art 68:1998(7)1422. C.Roth.

Inscription: signed lower right.

Technique: oil on canvas. Original period gold-plated frame..

Measurements: unframed w 22 1/2" x h 15 1/3 " (57 x 39 cm); framed w 30 1/2 " x h 23 2/3 " (77,5 x 60 cm).

Condition: in very good condition.

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