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Title:     View of Santa Maria della Salute in Venice
Item ID   5354
Price:     7500.00 €


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The Venetian view constitutes a pictorial genre of extraordinary success, artists such as Canaletto (1697-1768), Francesco Guardi (1712-1793), Michele Marieschi (1710-1743) and Bernardo Bellotto (1721-1780), contributed to creating a true and own collective imaginary of the city. The extraordinary production was destined to satisfy the request of new collectors and refined connoisseurs - above all English; which has the great merit of having favored the development of a genre that broke with the academic figurative tradition. During the first decades of the nineteenth century the spread of these works did not slow down at all and not a few masters continued to paint according to the typical points of view of the previous era. However, we can see how the transition between the two ages led to a search for more modernity through a more marked pictorialism. This can be seen by observing the creations of Giacomo Guardi (1764 - 1835), who was the son and the of Francesco Guardi, although he did not betray the paternal lesson, he tried to renew the pictorial layout, especially when he tried his hand at oil painting. It must also be said that Giacomo did not stop studying the various useful views through graphic notes of considerable detail, and in our case we mention the related drawings now kept in the Correr Museum (Pen, brush, gray and black ink on paper, cm 38.5X52 ; inv. No. Cl. III No. 0194; Cl. III No. 0192). However, it remains the philological difficulty of interpreting these leaps of renewal in progress, which on the basis of Tironi and Francesco Guardi attempt to ferry this important figurative memory into a nineteenth-century guise. A little known but very promising figure, if he had not been absent at a young age, he would have been the noble count Roberto Roberti ((Bassano, 1786 - 1817), who was the first pupil of Paroli and Baseggio, then of Canova in Rome, he was also a gifted landscape artist as evidenced by the views of Bassano and Rialto.

Inscription: unsigned.

Technique: oil on cardboard, antique gold-plated frame of turn of 19th century.

Measurements: unframed w. 11 1/4" x h 8 1/4" (29 x 21 cm); framed w 17 1/3" x h 14 1/3" (44 x 36,5 cm).

Condition: in good original condition.

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