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Artist:     Matthias Walter or Walter with scissors (German scissors cutter of the 1920s)
Title:     "Chronological story of one torn tooth", 4 paper cuts from 1920s
Item ID   5380
Price:     1000.00 €


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4 humorous original papaer cuts (silhouttes) with dental motives were created by German artist Matthias Walter (Walter with scissors), famous German scissors cutter from 1920s. It is nice decoration for a dental office. Each papaer cut signed by the artist in German. Here is English translation: 1. House practice. 2. Au cheek the wrong one! 3. High time. 4. He's out! Inscription: each signed in German lower left " Walther mit der Scheren" and titled in German lower. left. Technique: paper cut , gallery frames. Measurements: unframed No.1-3 each w. 9 1/2" x h 11 5/8" (24 x 29,5 cm), framed w 10 5/8" x h 12 3/4" (27 x 32,5 cm); No.4: unframed w. 11 1/3" x h 9" ( 29 x 23 cm), framed w 12 5/8" x h 10 1/4" (32 x 26 cm) Condition: in good condition.

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