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Artist:     Artur Ferraris (1856-1936/40)
Title:     Leda and Swan
Item ID   5456
Price:     5500.00 €


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Nude painting as "Leda and Swan" was executed by famous Hungarian-Austrian painter Arthur von Ferraris (1856 Golgowicz/Hungary, 1940 (according to the last work date; according to Haja / Wimmer † 1936 Vienna). Studied: first in Vienna portrait painting as a private student of Joseph Matthäus Aigner. From 1876 in Paris; there 1880-85 educated at the Acad. Julian and in the master studios of Jean Léon Gérôme and Jules Lefebvre. Then worked as an oriental painter in Paris, from where he was send by an English art dealer for study visits to Cairo (winter 1885/85; together with Ludwig Deutsch). Around 1885 in Paris shared studio on the Boulevard de Clichy with the Austrian oriental painter Charles Wilda. Finally he stayed in North America, where he received acknowledge for the portrait of entrepreneur John Davidson Rockefeller. In 1893/94, F. settled in Budapest and soon finally in Vienna. 1898 member of the Vienna Artists' Union. Repeated study trips to the Orient; In addition, portrait orders led him to Berlin (in cat. Great Berlin Art-Exhibition. 1899 "Berlin" is given as the place of residence), London, Stockholm and again and again to the USA, among others several times to New York (e.g. 1903). oo Ottilie F. (née Kallay), who has portrayed him several times (e.g. International Art Exhibition Düsseldorf 1904). Ever lived abroad since 1937/38. Exhibition Award: Paris, WA 1889 and 1900: Mention honorable; Antwerp 1893: Med. 1st class; Berlin 1894 and 1906: Gold-Med .; Vienna 1894: Small golden med .; Budapest: Med. 1. Kl. (In the Lit. partly different information); number other high awards, including: Franz Joseph Order; Prussia. Crown Order 1st Class; Hohenzollern House Order. - F. earned a great reputation as a portrait painter and was one of the most sought-after Hungarian fashion portraitists of the nobility, nobility and high society with Joszi Arpád Koppay (Baron von Drétoma) and Fülöp Elek László von Lombos. F.'s works are characterized by virtuoso technology and an outstanding colorist. Flair. Painted oil portraits of Prince Wilhelm von Hohenzollern, representative of nature; King Charles of Romania; Queen Elizabeth of Romania; Crown Princess Marie of Romania; King Ferdinand of Bulgaria (1934 Vienna, Künstlerhaus). Famous by exhibitors and Repr. became the portrait of Emperor Franz Joseph I of Austria. Also at least eight portr. Kaiser Wilhelm II, including Kaiser Wilhelm II in Hungarian hussar uniform (bust, 1898, formerly owned by the German Empress Auguste Victoria, now Doorn, Kasteel Huis Doorn) and twice as an elbow (1898, Great Berlin Art Exhibition . 1899, today Hechingen, Hohenzollern Castle; 1899, former Krefeld, Kaiser-Wilhelm-Mus., Eugen Jacobs Foundation, returned to his wife in 1939) and the iconograph. unique full-length state portraits of Emperor Wilhelm II in St. John's costume as protector of the order in Marienburg (1902, former Berlin, royal castle, whereabouts unknown; on the occasion of the re-inauguration of Marienburg, Wilhelm II gave the Order of St. John a copy of an unknown hand for that Order castle in Sonnenburg [Slonsk / Poland], whereabouts unknown) and Kaiser Wilhelm II in the parade uniform of the Gardes du Corps regiment with a coat in front of the painting "The Imperial Proclamation of Versailles" by Anton von Werner (Great Berlin Art Exhibition 1906; 33rd annual exhibition at Künstlerhaus Vienna 1906; former owner of Kaiser Wilhelm II, whereabouts unknown). F. v.a. for elegant, with a scented texture, partly glazed smooth, partly impressively, broadly painted, delicate and brightly colored portraits of women and confidently characterized men's portraits. of personalities from nobility, culture, politics and business, e.g. The German Chancellor Bernhard Fürst von Bülow; Madame Cassagnac; The chamber singer Maria Jeritza and the pianist Alfred Grünfeld (concert portrait, oil / canvas, 1915; art trade: Rockville / Maryland, Edwin C. Skinner, 2002); The writer Mór Jókai; The chamber singer Selma Kurz; The engineer Ferdinand Vicomte de Lesseps and wife; The amer. President Theodore Roosevelt (1937); The writer Felix Salten (1927, Vienna, Künstlerhaus); The chamber singer Frances Saville (1906); Princess Fanny Starhemberg (1932); Prof. Dr. Eugen Steinacher (1932); The Hofburg actor Hugo Thimig (1937); The Hofburg actor Otto Treßler (1908, Vienna, Künstlerhaus); The actress Else Wohlgemuth as Empress Charlotte (1929). Even self-portraits. Also painted in oil on canvas or oil on wood genre paintings such as Scholar Monkey (1892, Vienna, Künstlerhaus) and in the style of Gérôme and other "Orientalistes" a series of genial oriental scenes such as hookah smoker (1887); The Spielmann (1889, former London, Mathaf Gall.); In the mosque El A'Hazar, Cairo (1890); A descendant of the Prophet (1891); Bedouin at the arms dealer (1893); Completed trade (1894, former Budapest Royal Castle); Arrival at the mosque (former London, Mathaf Gall.); The blind man in front of the mosque (oil / wood, private owner) and genre portrait, e.g. Mother and Child (Great Berlin Art Exhibition 1899). From around 1930

Literature: "General Artist´s Lexicon " by Thieme/Becker; F. Jansa , Dt. Künstler in Wort und Bild, L. 1912

Inscription: signed lower left.

Technique: oil on canvas. Magnificent original period gold-plated frame.

Measurements: unframed w 39 1/3 " x h 25 5/8 " (100 x 65 cm), framed w 45 1/4 " x h 32 1/4 " (115 x 82 cm)

Condition: in very good condition.

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