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Artist:     Anton Hartinger (Austrian, 1806 - 1890)
Title:     Still life with grapes in a basket
Item ID   5679
Price:     5000.00 €


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Masterfully Biedermeier still life with grapes in a basket was executed in 1833 by famous Austrian flower painter and lithographer Anton Hartinger (1806 - Vienna - 1890 ). Hartinger studied from 1820 at the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts with Ignaz Strenzel and Sebastian Wegmayr. There he specialized in pictures of flowers and fruits. In 1836 he became proof-reader of the flower and fruit school of the Vienna Academy, from 1843 to 1851 he was a member. In 1825 he received the Gundel Prize for flower painting, in 1829 the Füger Prize. In 1859 he founded a lithographic institute that published botanical works and landscape works. He received the title of "k. k. Hof Chromo-Lytograf ”. Illustrations for: Ludwig Zeuschner: Geognostic description of the Nerineen limestone by Inwald and Roczyny. In: Wilhelm von Haidinger (Ed.): Naturwissenschaftliche Abhandlungen 3, 1, Vienna 1850, pp. 133-146, plates XVI-XVII. Franz von Hauer: About the fossils collected by Mr. Bergrath W. Fuchs in the Venetian Alps. Memoranda of the Imperial Academy of Sciences 2, Vienna 1850, Plates I - IV (digitized version) Eduard Palla: Atlas of the Alpine flora. With color plates based on nature photographs and originals. Five volumes. 2., rework. Edition, ed. from the German and Austrian Alpine Club. Lindauer, Munich 1897.

Literature: Constantin von Wurzbach: Hartinger, Anton. In: Biographic Lexicon of Austrian Monarchy, 7th part. Imperial and Royal Court and State Printing Office, Vienna 1861, pp. 403-405; Hartinger Anton. In: Austrian Biographical Lexicon 1815-1950 (ÖBL). Volume 2, Published by Österreichischen Akademie der Wissenschaften, Vienna 1959, p. 193. Helmuth Zapfe: Index Palaeontologicorum Austriae (= Catalogus fossilium Austriae issue 15). Publishing house of the Austrian Academy of Sciences, Vienna 1971, p. 45; Austrian artist lexicon by H.Fuchs, Vienna, 1975; Thieme/Becker "Allgemeines Lexikon der bildenden Künstler von der Antike bis zur Gegenwart".

Inscription: signed and dated 1833 lower right.

Technique: framed oil on paper/ canvas. .

Measurements: unframed w 19 3/4 " x h 24 3/4" (50 x 63 cm); framed w 24" x h 29 1/8" (61 x 74 cm) .

Condition: in good condition.

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