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Artist:     Franz Jaschke (Austrian, 1775-1842)
Title:     A pair of watercolors with folk types from Torotzko in Siebenbürgen ( now Romania)
Item ID   5859
Price:     1400.00 €


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Rare pair of ethnographical watercolours with folk types from the small town Torotzko in Siebenbürgen ( then Austrian-Hungarian Monarchy, now central Romania). This watercolours were executed around 1820 by renowned Austrian painter Franz Jaschke (1775 in Rosenthal, county Glatz - 1842 in Vienna), who was a Silesian-Austrian landscape painter.

Our watercolors are original designs for the Jaschke´s work „ On national costumes and views of Hungary, Croatia, Slavonia, the Banat, Transylvania and Bucovina", which appeared in 1821 ( see additional images from the Austrian National Library).

From 1794 Jaschke studied painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna, where he was twice awarded a silver medal. As an archducal chamber painter, he accompanied the archdukes Ludwig and Rainer on their travels through the monarchy from 1807. Archduke Ludwig sent him to all parts of the empire to have further views painted. He recorded his impressions in landscapes and depictions of customs in the Balkans, Galicia, Bucovina, Transylvania, Hungary and Tuscany.

Literature: Artist lexicons by Thieme/Becker , Leipzig, 1999; by Prof. H.Fuchs, Vienna, 1975, on-line Wikipedia; Work „National-Kleider Trachten und Ansichten von Ungarn, Kroatien, Slawonien, dem Banat, Siebenbürgen und der Bukowina“ in the Austrian National Library.

Inscription: on the back of the woman‘s portrait is old inscription in German: " Mädchen aus Torotzko, Siebenbürgen von F.Jaschke".

Technique: Oil on canvas. Original period gold-plated frame.

Measurements: oval image w 13" x 16 1/3"(33 x 41,5 cm); unframed w 14 1/3" x h 17 7/8" (36,5 x 45,5 cm), framed w 24" x h 27 1/8" (61 x 69 cm).

Condition: in good condition.

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