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Artist:     Gustav Theodor Wegener (Danish, 1817-1877)
Title:     Napoleon on horseback before the Battle of Leipzig, in the background - the Quandts Tobacco Mill, his future command post
Item ID   5962
Price:     3500.00 €


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This symbolic-historical painting depicts a single horseman, in whom the figure of Napoleon is guessed, on the futured battle field of the Battle of the nations by Leipzig. In the background can be see the Quandt’s Tobacco Mill, which became his command post during the battle, from which he gave way to retreat.

For comparison is the image and history of this mill unter following link from German Wikipedia:ühle

Our work was executed in 1836 by famous Danish historical, portrait and genre painter Gustav Theodor Wegener (1817 Roskilde - 1877 Frederiksberg).

Theodor Wegener was the son of the theologian Jens Ernst Wegener (1781–1846) and his wife Birgitte, née Bindesbøll (1793–1856). He was a student of the Danish court painter Jon Gulsen Berg (1783-1864) and then studied at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen. As early as 1838 he sent his painting "Street Scene" to the exhibition in Charlottenborg Palace. In 1839 he went to Germany to train as a decorative painter and worked there for a few years in this capacity. Since returning to Denmark, Wegener has specialized in biblical and historical scenes, but also painted genre pieces and landscapes.

Literature: in Danish: Carl Frederik Bricka, Dansk biographical dictionary; in English: on-line Wikipedia.

Inscription: signed lower left; on the back of original frame -antique inscription in German:" Quandtsche Tabaksmühle - Napoleon Befehlstand, Gustav Theodor Wegener".

Technique: oil on canvas, Original period gilt frame.

Measurements: unframed w 23 1/4" x h 16 1/3" (59 x 41,5 cm), framed w 28 1/8" x h 21 7/8" (71,5 x 54,5 cm).

Condition:  good condition, fine craquelures, old reclining of original canvas.

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