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Artist:     Anton Altmann (Austrian, 1808 - 1871)
Title:     Cloister in a monastery
Item ID   6039
Price:     6000.00 €


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This painting "Cloister in a Monastery" was painted around 1830s. The author is a well-known Austrian painter Anton Altmann ( 1808 Vienna - 1871 Vienna). It is most likely about his painting "Kreuzgang in Berchtesgaden" ( in English: Monastery cloister in Berchtesgaden), which is mentioned in the list of Altmann's works and which was formerly owned by Empress Karoline Auguste of Bavaria (source-biography of the Altmann in Wikipedia). Anton Altmann was born as the son of the painter of the same name (* 1777 in Datschitz; † February 26, 1818). His ancestors were painters, grandfather Joseph had already painted paintings for churches. The family originally came from Tyrol, but emigrated to Moravia. At the age of ten, Altmann lost both of his parents. His brother, who was pastor in Trebitsch, took care of the boy's further education. Through him Altmann was able to attend the Latin school in Brno. According to his brother's wish, he should study and later also become a clergyman; However, Altmann was not interested in this career, but much more in nature. That's why he painted from an early age, initially in a playful manner. He decided to study art, not theology. After completing his education, he attended the Academy in Vienna for two years, where he was trained in art. During this time he was financially supported for two years, but later had to earn his own living. This was not easy for him, but in 1829 he found a job as a drawing teacher for the Hungarian Count Joseph Apponyi. For a year he tutored the count, then returned to his homeland and began to engage in oil painting, having previously devoted himself only to drawing. He taught himself oil painting, preferring to complete his studies in Viennese galleries or in the great outdoors. However, he made slow progress as he was repeatedly forced to earn his living elsewhere. As a result, he was only able to complete his first oil painting in 1838. Already the following year he painted another painting, which was bought by Franz Karl of Austria. This encouraged the painter to continue painting. From 1844 he painted larger landscapes, his paintings were praised by painter colleagues and connoisseurs. He also painted watercolors in the last years of his life. Many of his paintings were bought by distinguished and aristocratic people and also by royal courts in other countries and shown in exhibitions. In addition, the Austrian Art Union bought some of his works and raffled them among members.

Literature: H.Fuchs "Lexicon of austrian artists of 19th century", Vienna, 1975; on-line Wikipedia.

Inscription: signed on the tomb base lower

Technique: oil on wood. Splendid original period gol-plated frame.

Measurements: unframed w 22" x h 17 7/8" (56 x 45,5 cm), framed w 28 3/4" x h 24 3/4" (73 x 63 cm)

Condition: good condition.

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