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Artist:     Alfred Nathaniel Oppenheim (1873-1953), grandson of Moritz Daniel Oppenheim
Title:     Flower nursery at Isle Adam /France
Item ID   6055
Price:     5900.00 €


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Impressionist painting with view of the flower nursery in Isle Adam by Paris was executed in 1907 by German-Jewish painter Alfred Nathaniel Oppenheim (1873 Frankfurt am Main - 1953 London). Alfred Nathaniel Oppenheim was the grandson of painter Moritz Daniel Oppenheim.

The grandfather portrayed the three-year-old grandson in 1876 with the Struwwelpeter in his hand. From 1890 he studied at the Frankfurt Städelschule and from 1894 at the Academy in Munich. He then went to Paris and returned to Frankfurt am Main in 1900. In addition to his work as a painter, he also worked as a jeweler and became an expert in the field of East Asian art. From 1919 Oppenheim edited the catalogs of the art auction house Hugo Helbing. Alfred Oppenheim lived in the house on the right, at Eppsteiner Strasse 45 In 1924 he published the memoirs of his grandfather Moritz Oppenheim. His own art collection included 19th-century French art and Asian art. He left the Kunstgewerbeverein in 1935 together with Maximilian von Goldschmidt-Rothschild and Martin Flersheim.

In 1939 he emigrated to London. The Aryanization of his collection was carried out in 1943 by Ernst Holzinger, the director of the Städel Museum at the time, who did not have it auctioned off but instead sought to incorporate it into the city's possessions. Among them was the portrait with the Struwwelpeter. After the collection was returned, Oppenheim donated two of his own works to the Städel. In 2009, Deutsche Post issued a stamp with Oppenheim's poster motif for the 1909 International Airship Exhibition in Frankfurt (ILA). In 2018, the Museum der Weltkulturen showed showcases from its former art collection. Although Alfred Oppenheim was successful as an artist, for example as a portraitist of the Frankfurt upper class, he pursued other activities. Trained as a jewelery designer in Paris, he remained true to the strongly floral French Art Nouveau, which was an exception in Germany at the time. French traits can also be found in his work as an artist, although he is more likely to be assigned to German Impressionism. In addition to the portraits of the upper bourgeoisie, he devoted himself in particular to his home region around Frankfurt. Heuberger and Merk see Oppenheim as "in terms of subject and painterly style completely in the modern artistic movements".

Exhibitions: 1906: Gallery Heinemann 1911: Collections by Ines Wetzel and Alfred Oppenheim, Kunstsalon Schames 1912: Schneider's art salon in Frankfurt Frankfurt Art Association 1999: Alfred Oppenheim (1869-1921) - jeweler, painter, collector. Hanau Historical Museum – Philippsruhe Castle 2014: The other modernity, art and artists in the countries on the Rhine 1900 to 1922, Museum Giersch Literature: Thieme/Becker "Allgemeines Lexikon der bildenden Künsler..", Leipzig, 1999; On-line Wikipedia; Salomon Wininger: Große jüdische National-Biographie. Band 4. Czernowitz, 1930,.

Inscription: signed with monogram and dated 1907 , lower left (an identical monogram sample is presented in date base; on the back of the stretcher and canvas - two artist‘s inscriptions in German: "Gärtnerei "Duet" (Isle Adam)" and on canvas - the same inscription with dating 1907.

Technique: oil on canvas. Impressionism style frame.

Measurements: unframed w 21 1/2" x h 16 1/2" (54,5 x 42 cm), framed w 27 3/4" x h 22 7/8" (70,5 x 58 cm )

Condition: in very good condition.

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