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Artist:     Eduard (Karl Franz Eduard) von Gebhardt (1838 - after 1920)
Title:     Delicate-eat for the favorite tomcat
Item ID   1385
Price:     1600.00 €


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Lovely genre scene by famous estonian-german portrait and historical painter Eduard Gebhardt, auch: Eduard von Gebhardt (1838 in Järva-Jaani, today Circle Järva, Estonia - 1925 Düsseldorf).Gebhardt studied since his 16. year three years long the Academy of St.Petersburg (1855 -1857) and brought then two years partly on journeys, partly in Karlsruhe too, where he visited the art school by Ludwig Des Coudres. 1860 he came to Duesseldorf, where he became pupil of Wilhelm Sohn and found with the same such promotion that he decided to remain in Duesseldorf. Gebhardt became 1873 professor at the Düsseldorfer Academy and trained as such numerous pupil. He possessed the large golden medal of the Berlin art Exhibition. Eduard von Gebhardt is honorary citizen of the city Duesseldorf.His inclination was, already directed by his education, from the outset toward religious topics, but he wanted the religious painting, in connection with which realistic opinion of art, national contents to his time give.He treated the Biblical scenes of the point of view of the Netherlands and German masters 15. and 16. Century, by not only giving the traditional costume and the outside feature of humans of that epoch to the figures, but her also after the artistic samples of the time characterized. Truth of the feeling, he gave up at beauty and romantic of the representation. Regardless of the large technical championship, over which Gebhardt ordered, his naivety of the representation was not original, but only anempfunden, and did not succeed to it to penetrate into the people who remained incomprehensible its looked for mode of expression.Works by Gebhardt: St.Nikolai in Reval(Tallinn); in the properthy of the family,; Collection of Oeder in Düsseldorf; Berlin National gallery, Neumann - Riga; Museum of Riga; Kunsthalle/Düsseldorf.

Literature: Thieme/Becker " Allgemeines Lexikon der bildenden Künstler von der Antike bis zur Gegenwart", Leipzig, 1999.

Inscription: signed lwith monogram lower right, original title by the artist in german "Kater( in english Tomcat) left above; on reverse inscribed with pencil.

Technique: oil on canvas, laid down on cardboard , original period frame .

Measurements: unframed 6 1/4" x 8 2/3" (16 x 22 cm); framed w 9 " x h 11 1/2 " (23 x 29 cm)

Condition: in very good condition

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