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Artist:     Neno Mori (1899 - 1968)
Title:     Village landscape
Item ID   1626
Price:     1200.00 €


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Expressionistic village landscape near Venice, where the author of the painting Italian landscape and views painter Neno Mori 1899 was born  and worked. His Venice views and landscapes were exhibited by 6th Quadriennale in Rome 1951/1952 (catalog ).

Neno Mori was born in Venice on 3 November 1899. He accomplished the studies at Institut of the art of Venice, in which he accomplished his artistic arrangement with his friends: the group of the painters as Eugenio da Venezia, Seibezzi, Novati, e Varagnolo. He participated to the exhibitions of Ca Pesaro in1920 and  won prices within the La Biennale Di Venezia (1934, 1948, 1954). Mori died on 2 November 1968 .  The painting of Mori, as wrote Paolo Rizzi, far of the language innovations and experimenting formed and abandoned from two different sides, which he meant to cause: the study of the masters of the 1800' s and the reality with the truth. His  substantial of Venice „… the juices excellently the late 1500' s, in a direction, those represented of Tintoretto, Bassano… “and purchase to the tradition of Giorgione and of Tiziano on the one hand also taking and add more togheter the instinct of the indication, the light. Marco Novati wrote: " … I met Neno Mori in the year 1920. It is more than 40 years… and we was only good friends. We were ein" Clan " from some painter unites with affection and sympathy….. Already starting from this time already into the first figurative taste of Mori a Vene of special color. He decorated some pears, some houses, some clouds with color with a of grace with a breath, full charm. And I said: " Which, which hands and eyes. " Then it drove away in its difficult and hard way, like we all and with continuous achievements. The last still lives, the recent landscapes, flowers painted of it are excellent into all directions. I have a Faible for the color, which style, for which " vollen" its painting. I believe that the modern venezianischen painting, under which line of Mori and of some other friends of me " solidly, belonged to the most interesting artists..."

Literature: Comanducci, 1973, V.III; H.Vollmer; V.III:

Inscription: signed lower right.

Technique: framed oil on wood.

Measurements: unframed w 11 3/4 " x h 8 2/3 " (30 x 22 cm), framed w 17 1/3" x h 14 1/5 " ( 44 x 36 cm).

Condition: in very good condition.

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