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Artist:     Luigi Rocco (1806 -Naples - 1862)
Title:     Goddess Hebe and Jupiter`s Eagle
Item ID   1802
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This fine and monumental painting with classical allegorical subject was executed by listed Italian classicist Luigi Rocco . The artist was born in 1806 in Naples where he worked as mythological artist until his death ca. 1862. His works are extreme rare on the international art market..

The motive of this classicistic mythological painting is ancient Greek mythology : Eternally young and beautiful Goddess Hebe in ancient Greek mythology the daughter Zeus and Hera, she was the goddess of youth ( In Greek, the name of the goddess, means "the youth."), She was the cupbearer of the gods of Mount Olympus, she ministered at the feasts of the gods, she brought the Olympians nectar and ambrosia. After all, the gods were eating and drinking is not something that ordinary people. It is a wonderful drink nectar and food immortal ambrosia made ​​them forever young and strong. And Hebe feeding the faithful servant of Zeus - the eagle. until she was replaced through Hanimed. When the hero Hercules finished his earthly journey , he ascended to Olympus and married Hebe. In Rome Heba referred to Uventa (Latin is Juventus), had some temples and personified eternally youthful prosperity of the state. In the art and poetry of antiquity (Homer ) and later until 19th century was this story "Hebe and the Eagle" very popular (art works by Canova , Hamilton, Angelika Kauffmann, Giuseppe Craffonara , Emile Louis Picault and others) . Usually she stands with a jug of nectar, and sitting next to the eagle of Zeus (due toother sources - eagle of Jupiter) , who stretches his neck to drink. Also in the poetry was this legend popular . For exemple , Russian poet Tyutchev dedicated young goddess of the following lines:

"You say, "Windy Hebe, Feeding Zeus's eagle boiling cup from the sky, Laughing, spilled on the ground." ".

For the similar subject as bronze sculpture and paintings see item numbers 1262, 3309 and 2194 on our web-site.

Literature: "Pittori Italiani Ottocento", II, 1991; ADEC Date base Index.

Inscription: lower left signed and dated L.Rocco f. and dated 1845 (F. - abbreviation of "fecit" in Latin , it΄s mean in English: created by ), on the back of stretcher - stamp of canvas/stretcher producer and old inscription by one of previous owners in English: "..bought in Rome .../ 67 (year). Alvarez.." .

Technique: oil on canvas, beautiful original gold-plated frame.

Measurements: unframed w 43 1/4" x h 55 " ( 110 x 140 cm) , framed w 55" x h 67 1/4" (140 x 171 cm )

Condition: very good

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