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Artist:     Hubert Sattler (1817 - 1904 )
Title:     The inside of the Holy Grave Church in Jerusalem
Item ID   2084
Price:     15000.00 €


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This early inside interior of the Holy Grave Church in Jerusalem was executed in 1840s . On the base of comparison of our painting with identical view by H.Sattler (with another dimensions, but with the same quality and similar composition ) , situated in Salzburg Museumwe came to conclusion , that our view is second author`s version of the painting in Salzburg. Additionaly it`s known, that numerous Sattlers works are unsigned by the artist and he repainted his best and most famous works for noble private customers . To comparison with our painting please see illustration of the painting in Salzburg Museum under following link: The author of this rare painting, renown Austrian landscape painter and traveller Hubert Sattler (1817-1904) recieved his ackowledge for panoramic views from his travells around Europe, Asia Minor,North Africa and North Amerika. He studied by his father Johann Michael Sattler, later by emil jacob schindle at the Viennese Fine Arts Academy. in 1897 he became honore citizen of city Salzburg. His travel views arrive high results by the international auctions. For exemple, "View of Jerusalem from the mount of Olives",36 x 62 cm, arrived by Sotheby´s London on 11.24. 2009 high 57000 US$; "A Panoramic view of Constantinople",77x100 cm by Sothebys london on 30. Mai 2008 - 110 000 US$; "Bathing in the Bosphorus", 74x100 cm by Sotheby´s London on 18. November 2003 - 71000 US$.

Literature : Prof.H.Fuchs " Die Österreichischen Maler", Vienna, 1975.

Inscription: unsigned

Technique: oil on canvas, luxuriousy original period gold-plated frame

Measurements: each unframed w 10 3/4" x 8 3/4" (84,5 x 71,5 cm); framed w 19 1/4" x 17 1/4" (cm).

Condition: painting and frame are in good condition

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