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Artist:     Michail Efimovic Golovanov (1830 - 1880), in Russian: М. Е. Голованов
Title:     Portrait of a child with dog
Item ID   3035
Price:     12000.00 €


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Extremely fine portrait of a young girl with favorite dog is original painting by listed Russian portrait and genre artist Michail Efimovic Efimov-Golovanov (Golovanov), born ca. 1830 in the peasant family in village Yakovlevo, Moscow province, died 1880 Moscow. He belongs to the artists of school of Alexey Venezianov (1780 - 1847). Golovanov lived and studied in Moscow : MUZV (Moscow painting school) in 1830-1855 by V.S. Dobrovolskij; since 1851 studied historical and portrait art by A.N.Mokritzky. During training created a number of sketches "Girl" (1848); "Elder" (1851), "Girl with candle" (1855), and copies after Tropinin, Fedotov, Sorokin. In 1855 he recieved the title of All-Russian Fine Arts Academy "The artist without class rank" for a portrait of the painter Ivan Jakovlevic Krasnickij. Created portraits ( among others portr. of M.S. Shshepkin v Danilovskom monastyre na mogile N.V. Gogolja , 1852 und genre paintings.( Za pocinkoj stanka , 1859). Last work lokated in Tretyakov Gallery. His works situated also in Bachrushin-Theater-Museum. For article from the cataloque of Tretyakov Gallery see our additional photo.

Literature: in Russian: Kondakov II, 1914, 49 (s.v. Golovanov, M.E.), 68 (E.-Golovanov, M.); ChudSSSR III, 1976 (s.v. Golovanov, M.E.; Lit.); Otcet IACh za 1854-55 gg., StP. 1855, 5; T.V. Alekseeva , Chudozniki skoly Venecianova, Mo. 2 1982; in German: "General artist lexicon(AKL)" by Saur, XXXII,p.275; H.Ottomeyer u.a. (Ed.), Russ. Malerei der Biedermeierzeit (K Kassel), Kassel/Eurasburg 1999; 2002; Milner , 1993 (s.v. Golovanov, Mikhail Efimovich); ; .

Inscription: signed lower left.

Technique: oil on canvas. Luxuriousy original gold-plated frame.

Measurements: unframed w 17 1/2 " x 21" (44,5 x 53,5 cm); framed w 24" x 28" (61 x 71 cm).

Condition: in good condition, old professional relining of canvas.

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