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Artist:     Richard Benno Adam (1873 Munich - 1937)
Title:     From the legendary International Club Baden Baden. "Racing horse Eins ins Andere"
Item ID   3050
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The large sporting horse painting depicts race horse "Eins ins Andere"(due to the artist's inscription lower left) and was purchased by auctionshouse Walldorf, Germany with other item No. 3049, 2008,2809,2851,2852 as a part of collection of the

legendary International Racing Club Baden Baden. This painting was executed 1901 by one of the best German horse painters Richard Benno Adam ( 1873 - Munich - 1937). The artist, originated from the great family of horse , military and animal painters ( see important monography " Albrech Adam and his family" , Munich 1882) , was the son of Emil Adam and his wife Josefine Marie, born Wurmb, and the great-grandchild of the Bavarian battle painter of the napoleonic era, Albrecht Adam. He was studied since his childhood by his father in painting and received then at the college of arts and crafts Munich his training. He studied with Nicolas Gysis at the academy of the forming arts, with Sigmund Strähuber and Ludwig von Langenmantel (1854-1922), as well as in the private school led by Heinrich Knirr (*1862). From 1892 to 1894 he studied with Hermann Baisch at the national academy of the forming arts in Karlsruhe. Count Wilczek was 1893 to 1895 his first considerable client, whom he had mediated gotten from the father Emil Adam. Since 1896 he created his first horse portraits for the German, Austrian, Bohemian and Hungarian aristocracy. About over 1897 he was summer guest in the Bavarian Possenhofen and created a group painting with Austrian empress Elisabeth, the popular Sissi. 1899 he painted the Budapester shooting party, a series, which covered 47 horse portraits. His numerous rider portraits, under it above all that one became famous by emperor Wilhelm II., who was printed as war postcard . During the First World War he was a war painter in Galizien and in imperial headquarters in France. After 1918 he successfully continued his activity as portrait and a horse painter for aristocracy circles. Between 1928 and 1931 he had several work stay in the USA, while which manufactured he portraits of American top-class sportsmen. Later he held a Professur in Munich. His deduction is in city archives Munich (NL Adam).

Provenance: Collection of international racing Club Baden Baden..

Literature: "General Artist´s Lexicon " by Thieme/Becker; exhiition calaloque "Albrecht Adam and his family", Munich, 1982.

Inscription: signed and dated 1901 lower right, titled with name of the horse "Eins ins Andere" lower left.

Technique: oil on canvas. Luxuriousy original period frame.

Measurements: unframed w 33 1/2" x h 25 2/3 " (85 x 65 cm), framed w 40 1/2 " x h 32 2/3 " (103 x 83 cm)

Condition: in very good condition.

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