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Artist:     Jose de Sarabia (Spanish, 1608 - 1669),atttributed to
Title:     The Vision of Saint Francis
Item ID   394
Price:     12000.00 €


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Masterful mythological   painting  created in 17 century , the authencity of the painting to the painter from Murillo circle was confirmed by Christie´s old master experts in 2001. Due to the similar style and quality weattributed this masterfully religious work to the hand of Jose de Sarabia (1608 -1669) , the Spanish Baroque painter. from Murillo circle  

Jose de Sarabia was born in Seville, according to Antonio Palomino was the son of the painter Andrés Ruiz de Sarabia, who moved to Lima when Jose was still a minor. He later studied with Zurbarán and Murillo, along with the Cordoba Antonio del Castillo, and after completing his training he would have moved to Cordoba, where domiciled since 1630 actually appears stably.

Palomino, Cordoba also says he painted many works for public places, especially dedicated to the Immaculate, listing among them "the one on the Shore" and the convent of San Francisco, in which he made many works. Another Purisima Concepcion de Sarabia Palomino had parents, along with some other pictures of the same, who also "made ​​numerous paintings for private houses." In all this there is little preserved or what safely can be attributed, not being easily determine what was not his style, since, according to Palomino, not used to sign his works (an escape to Egypt not preserved in the convent of Victory would have been the exception) and that is often worth of prints, especially Rafael Sadeler, "it was very steep," and of Rubens, which copied the Erection of the Cross in the convent of San Francisco de la Arrizafa.


Inscription: unsigned

Technique: oil on canvas.  Original period frame

Measurements:  unframed w 38 1/4" " x h 46" (97 x 117 cm), framed w 47 3/4" x h 55 1/4" (121 x 141 cm)

Condition: in good condition for  the age , canvas lined in 19 century, a few minimal  spots .

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