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Artist:     Karl Burggraf (German, 1803 - 1857),
Title:     Amor and Psyche
Item ID   4252
Price:     15000.00 €


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The story "Amor and Psyche" is originally from Metamorphoses (also called The Golden Ass), written in the 2nd century AD by Lucius Apuleius Madaurensis .It concerns the overcoming of obstacles to the love between Psyche and Cupid (Latin: Amor and their ultimate union in a sacred marriage. Since the rediscovery of Roman Apuleius in the Renaissance , the reception of Cupid and Psyche in the classical tradition has been extensive . The story was told and shown in poetry , drama and opera is widely used in painting, sculpture and even wallpaper and as name of famous parfume firm Terry Mugler. Full description of the story see in online wikipedia.

Our painting with Amor and Psyche was executed in 1830s and due to the old inscription with the artist´s name on the back of the stretcher and biographical and stylistic similarities was attributed to the hand of German listed allegorical, genre and portrait painter Karl Burggraf (1803 Halberstadt - 1857 Berlin). It´s not known much about this artist: he lived and worked in Berlin, studied.At the Berlin Academy from 1826 to 1832/33 as pupil of Friedrich Wilhelm Herbig und since 1834 by Wilhelm Hensel. – portrait- , allegorical- and genre scenes in oil, watercolour and color ink. His works are extremely rare on the international market. We found only one work-drawing "Achilles with his father in the cave of the centaur Cheiron", sold on 19.10.2013 at the Winterberg auction house in Heidelberg.

Literature: Artist lexicons by Saur and Thieme/Becker; Börsch-Supan, 1971; Die Nachlässe in dt. Arch., mit Ergänzungen aus anderen Beständen, Tl 2, Boppard am Rhein 1983; Gemälde. Verz. der Bestände des künftigen SM Berlin (K), I.1, B. 1994. – Nürnberg, GNM, Arch.: B.s Nachlaß.

Inscription: old inscription in German on the back of the stretcher: "...duft, Karl Burggraf".

Technique: Painted in a circle, oil on canvas. original Classicism gold-plated frame .

Measurements: unframed w (27 x 27 cm), framed w ( 41 x 41 cm).

Condition: in very good condition, original canvas.

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