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Artist:     Ivan Grigorovich Rashevsky ( Ukrainian, 1849 - 1921)
Title:     Forest pond with heron and frogs
Item ID   4928
Price:     12000.00 €


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This monumental newly founded painting " Forest landscape with pond, frogs and a heron " was executed in 1881 by renowned Ukrainian painter, sculptor, critic and collector Ivan Grigorovich Rashevsky (1849 Chuguev by Charkov -1921 Chernigov).

Born 27 Jan 1849 G. in Chuguev by Charkov. In 1873, After study at the juridical faculty of University of St. Vladimir in Kiew, moved to St. Petersburg, where entered in the Academy of Fine Arts as auditor. His teacher was famous landscape artist and academical L. F. Lagorio. In the same Rashevsky visited Paris. In 1875 he lieved the Academy and returned back in Chernigov.

In 1876-1879, a member of the Chernygov land administration, and there worked as judge. In 1876-1879, a member of the Chernihiv province justices also operates a Justice of the peace. Actively participated in numerous exhibitions in Kiev, St. Petersburg, Chernigov. He was engaged in collecting. His collection included I.Repin, Surikov, as well as utensils and embroidery.

In the year 1908 Rashevsky went on holiday abroad, and their route from the Black Sea to Greece reflected in paintings created during the trip: "Bosphorus" (1908), "prison of Socrates" (1908) and others. In the year 1912 becomes a keeper, then-Director of Chernihiv Museum of Ukrainian antiquity V.v. Tarnovsky. He participated in exhibitions of the Petersburg Ah, Kiev-art exhibitions. In 1894-1896, V-VII exhibitions ̉̃ĐƠ in Odessa exhibited landscapes, which the artist sent from Chernigov. The last years of his life devoted to the work on an approved project of the monument of Taras Shevchenko in Chernigov. In 1927 in Kiev his works were exhibited at the exhibition, dedicated to the memory of the Ukrainian composer n. Lysenko. In 1999, Placed exibition to the 150th anniversary of the birth of the artist in the National Art Museum of Ukraine.Works are kept in the HMM of Kiev and Chernigov. Most artist’s works lost during the WWII.

Works: "on the Desna river" (1889), " Garden pond", "To examination" (all created in 1892), "In the village house", sculpture of musician Dlussky (1889); project of monument of Shevchenko (1921).

Literature : "Lexicon of Ukrainian Artists" , Kiew, 1973 ( in Ukrainian); in Russian: Solovjev V.D. " Russian Artists of 18-20th centuries", 2005; Kondakoff " Jub.Hand book of St.Petersburg Academy 1764-1914", catalogues of Russian Museum in St.Petersburg; N.N.Kovalevskaja „ History of Russian Art“,Moscow, MGU, 1962; V.V.Vanslow „ Development ways of Russian Art“

Inscription: signed in Russian upper right and dated 1881.

Technique: oil on canvas, original period gilt frame

Measurements: unframed w 55 7/8 " x h 31 1/2" (142 x 80 cm); framed w 62 1/3" x h 38 1/4" (158,5 x 97 cm)

Condition: in good condition, original canvas professionally relined.


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