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Artist:     Pasquale Dicriscito (Italien, 1830 - 1909)
Title:     Flirtation in the boudoir
Item ID   5134
Price:     5000.00 €


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Flirtation scene in the boudoir was executed by Italian painter Pasquale Di Criscito (De Criscito), born in 1830 Naples, died 1909, belonged to the circle of friends of Domenico Morelli, with Bernardo Celentano, Francesco Netti and Nicola Palizzi. In the 1870s, he participated in the commissions for the Cathedral in Altamura, which Don Diego Labriola, 1862-79 vicar of the cathedral, awarded to this circle of artists. After 1869, D., accompanied by Fortunato and Gaetano D ´Agostino, was transferred the painterly decoration of the Teatro Verdi in Salerno, with his naked muses in the ceiling painting causing a scandal at the opening in 1872. From 1881 D. was one of the first professors (initially "disegno all ´acquerello dal vero ," later "disegno dell ´ornato e di colorito ") taught at the school of artists run by Filippo Palizzi. WORKS: ALTAMURA, Cathedral, 6th Cape. On the right: The Virgin appears to St. Peter. Bernhard1977.Exhibitions: 1922 Naples: Mostra della pitt. Napoletana dell ´Ottocento.Literature:

Literature: AKL Register; G.Filangeri, Il Mus. Artist. Industriale e le scuole-officine in Napoli, N. 1881, 100 ss.; P.Levi [L ´Italico], Domenico Morelli nella vita e nell ´arte, R./T. 1906, 82, 209, 225, 252 (Letters from Morelli to D.); Ceci I, 1937; 4. C.Tropea, Il Mus. Artist. Industriale ed il Regio Is. d ´Arte di Napoli, Fi. 1941, 41, 44; 6. R.M. Manzionna, Altamura 21/22:1979/80, 222 s. (As Pasquale De Criscito); Art price index internat. ´ 94, I, Boston 1993; La pitt. Napololetana dell ´Ottocento, N. 1993, 124 (Lit.); Il Mattino (Salerno) v. 7.2.1999. – Mitt. T.Hufschmidt, Kunsthist. Inst. Florence.

Inscription: signed and dated Roma 187.., lower right.

Technique: oil on wood. Luxuriously original period gold-plated frame.

Measurements: unframed w 12 3/4" x h 16" (32,5 x 40,5 cm), framed w 20 3/4" x h 24" (52,5 x 61 cm).

Condition: in very good condition.

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