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Artist:     Carl Brandt - Svensson ( Swedish 1871-1930)
Title:     Monumental painting " Moose in the Swedish winter landscape"
Item ID   5669
Price:     9000.00 €


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This great Scandinavian winter landscape with Moose was executed by Swedish landscape painter Carl Brandt ( 1871 - 1930 Stockholm). He was born as the son of a tailor and under the name Carl Svensson in Locketorp and began an apprenticeship as a painter after primary school. At the age of 18, the craftsman set up a workshop in Örebro and went into business for himself. Already at this time he began to paint, parallel to the handicraft, also paintings in watercolor and pastel, which brought him an additional income, which soon exceeded the income from the handicraft. Initially worked as a decorative painter. - number realistic landscapes (forest, coastal and lake motifs) in oil, pastel and aqua. Best work of Brandt is the romantic winter paintings offen with animals.

In 1890 the artist changed his name from Carl Svensson to Carl Brandt, a name that can be found in all church registers from this time on. When Brandt married the noble Ida Rudbeck four years later, he was already a recognized artist and had put the craft aside. Brandt had made a name for himself above all as a landscape painter, whereby the Swedish landscape with its red houses by the lake, surrounded by a fir forest, dominated in his pictures, often associated with a sunset, which was almost a symbol of the artist. When more and more postcards were being written in Sweden at the beginning of the 20th century, Carl Brandt also received numerous orders for postcards with landscapes. In total, the artist realized around 200 postcards in the course of his life. After his wife's death, Brandt moved to Stockholm for a few years, where he met his second wife, with whom he moved to Hässelby in 1912 to set up his studio there. In Hässelby, not only did some of the artist's most interesting paintings come into being, but Brandt was also active in numerous associations there. In the local cinema you can still find a mural by the artist who died on February 13, 1930 of a gallbladder disease in Stockholm. WORKS : ÖREBRO, Stora Hotel, dining room: Wall-Gem. - Läns Mus .: winter landscape, sign. BIBLIOGRAPHY SvKL I, 1952; SvK, 1974. - Swärd, Målare I, 1979. - Mitt. A.Johansson, Läns Mus., Örebro. ; in on-line: Inscriptions: signed Dimensions: unframed w 64 1/2" x h 33 3/4" (164 x 85,5 cm), framed w 69 1/4" x h 39" (176 x 99 cm). Material: oil on canvas, original frame. Condition: very good original condition.

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