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Artist:     Johann Nepomuk Ender (1793 - Wien - 1854)
Title:     Rest of the Holy Family in Egypt
Item ID   5806
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Masterfully romantically painting with Holy Family resting on the bank of the Nile in Egypt. It was executed before 1826 by important Austrian historical and portrait painter Johann Ender ( 1793 Vienna - 1854 Vienna) during his life and work in Rome. Despite the absence of the artist‘s signature, on the basis of the complete identity of style, motive and time, we came to full confidence that this work was created by Johann Ender. As it‘s known, the artist executed several works with the subject Holy Family. Thus, the „Biographischer Lexikon der Kaisertum Österreich“ points to the painting „ Die Flucht nach Ägypten" ( The Flight into Egypt), which was exhibited in the Austrian Art Union in 1851. This painting was in our possession until 2017. For its i image see our additional photo.

But in our opinion, however, our actual painting "Rest of the Holy Family in Egypt" is presented in the list of works by Ender in the important German lexicon by Fr.von Boetticher " Paintings of 19th century“, Leipzig, 1892 under fully identical title " Ruhe der Heiliger Familie" ( in English: Rest of the Holy Family), page 267, where under the same list number 12 presented two works " Flucht der Heiliger Familie nach Ägypten" (Munich Exhibition 1858) and our work " Ruhe der Heiliger Familie " ( in English: Rest of the Holy Family).Additionally Boetticher points, that the owner (at that time) is Mrs. Ender. That means, the painting stayed in the family of the author (with his wife) , was not sold and Ender did not need to sign it.

Literature: artist lexicons: by Thieme / Becker. prof.H.Fuchs ; Saur; Fr.von Boetticher; Biographischer Lexicon Kaisertum Österreich.

Inscription: unsigned.

Technique: oil on canvas, original period gold-plated frame.

Measurements: unframed w 27 1/2" x h 34 5/8" (70 x 88 cm); framed w 33 2/3" x h 40 3/4" (85,5 x 103,5 cm).

Condition: in very good condition.

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