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Artist:     Pal Boehm (1839 - 1905)
Title:     Rast auf dem Weg
Item ID   1356
Price:     1200.00 €


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 Genre watercolour by famous Hungarian painter and drawer Pál (Paul)  Böhm (1839 Nagyvárad (Grosswardein, Oradea/Romania), - 1905 Munich). An drawer talent like the father (this active as engineers on the Bishop property Nagyvárad ), painted here  signs and portraits. 1848/49 he was a member of a child company and a work in military armament makers. Later worked as  carpenters and a coppersmith. Around 1855 as decoration painters actively and connection at walking actors. Afterwards in Nagyvárad painter study by  Antal Haan. In 1862 Böhm stay in Debrecen, afterwards in  Pest  and Vienna, where he copied  in the National Gallery  and in the Belvedere . He opened in Arad his own painter school, in which László Paál became his best pupil. 1867 removed to Pest , because of material difficulties again connection to the walking theatre. Studied: starting from 1871 Academy  in Munich (with state scholarship). Thereafter settled in Munich , where he was active for the art trade. 1873-75 several stays in Szolnok. - Painted altarpieces and portraits, in the early work particularly rural motives from that Hungarian lowland, Fischer and Zigeuner from Siebenbürgen and the Banat. Charasteristical  for Böhm is a direct, finely drawn, color-glad and carefully composed genre representation (the best work around 1873/75 in Szolnok), which yielded later in Munich of a hardrestrained monotonousness and a templateful routine. Böhm´ s art with their romantic and etnographical interesting course found numerous collectors in USA, England and Germany.

WORKS:  BUDAPEST, Nemzeti Gallery. DACHAU; COLOGNE, city museum; MANCHESTER, Mus. MILWAUKEE, Art center. MUNICH, New Pinakotek - Gal. Dr. Bühler. - Gal. Heseler.
EXHIBITIONS : 1905 Budapest, Nemzeti Szalon: Intend Exhibition
BIBLIOGRAPHY: ThB4, 1910. MagyKépLex, 1915 (Lit.); MuevLex I, 1965; Bénézit II, 1976; Munich painter I, 1981 (Lit.); MagyFestAdat, 1988. - The Szolnoker painter school (Kat.), W. 1975, 113 S.; Ebert houses, 1979, 171; L.J.Reitmeier, Dachau, the famous painter place, M. 1990.
Inscription: incribed  on the reverse in german  "Paul Böhm. From the estate of Paul Weber".
Technique: watercolour on paper,.original period wood-crafted gilt frame.

Measurements: unframed w 10 1/4" x h 7 4/5" (26 x 20 cm), framed 12 3/4" x 11" (32,5 x 28 cm)

 Condition: in  good condition

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